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Be A Slave of Your Pen

Parker 61 body Grey Charcoal. The cap is golden iridescent with a beautiful tone. The pen was bought for $150 new, from a dealer. Is from the 1960's. Smaller than the 51, introduced in 1956 with a design by Don Doman. First and only capillary system. A unique gold arrow that usually falls. The filler body is made of Teflon to wipe rapidly the excess of ink after filling.

According to Parker, a team of 50 people worked 12 years on the filling system. (A big "maybe" here).

The last 61 are from 1983, so any of them is at least 34 years old.

Because the filling system if the ink dries in the filler the cleaning process is complicated. You are the servant of this pen, but what a beautiful master!

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